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    My father, Thomas Ernest Richard Howlett (R 152719) was in the Merchant Navy as the Second Engineer aboard the M.V. "Empire Charmian" including from the period 28 December 1944 until 14 December 1946. Among some family photos that are some that were taken among the wreckage of Hiroshima in the...

    EMPIRE entered the Brunsbüttel locks on 29/09/2010. 2009 Peenewerft,Wolgast/554 - imo9387425 CS: PBRA / current flag: Netherlands L*B= 171.00*26.00m GT 15.924 TDW 20.300 1.440 TEU MBW, 12.640 kW, 19,8 kn; EMPIRE-, Empire Sh BV, JR SMgm BV, Nl;
1-2 of 2 Results