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  1. Empress of Scotland

    Empress of Scotland, Canadian Pacific, built 1930 by Fairfield SB & E Co, Govan
  2. Empress of Scotland

    A color view of the Empress of Scotland while at anchor at Greenock on 16 August, 1954.
  3. Empress of Scotland - 1951 - Venezuela

    Doing it the hard way. Landing stage & ships power boats. Empress of Scotland, Puerto Cabello, Venezuela. March 1951.
  4. No Tugs Allowed

    This picture was taken on 27 March, 1954, and it shows the Empress of Scotland in the center attempting to dock in New York without the aid of tugs. According to the photo caption, she’d been at it for a while, and her previous attempts actually delayed the departure of the Mauretania, which is...

    The CP's EMPRESS OF SCOTLAND on the Tail o' the Bank on the voyage on passage to the St. Lawrence.... c. 1951 The EMPRESS and the JEANIE DEANS....beautiful! Oil on wood panel, 18 x 24 inches. 2013
  6. Empress of Scotland

    Empress of Scotland. Any information is welcome. I bought this photo along with other shipping photos at a car boot sale, There is no photographers name. Cheers Frank
  7. Empress of Japan

    The Empress of Japan arrives in the Port of Liverpool for the first time in 1930, following the completion of her construction at the Fairfield Ship Yards in Scotland. On her Maiden Voyage to Yokohama, the liner would establish a record breaking run, by crossing in 8 days, 6 hours, and 27...
  8. Empress of Scotland

    The Empress of Scotland, formerly the Empress of Japan, is seen following her service in World War 2.
  9. Kaiserin Auguste Victoria

    The SS Kaiserin Auguste Victoria, the later RMS Empress of Scotland was one of HAPAG's fast ocean liners on the North Atlantic run. The Kaiserin Auguste Victoria (24,581 grt/15,151 nrt) was launched on Aug. 29th, 1905 by Stettiner Maschinenbau A.G. Vulcan, Stettin-Bredow, yard number 264 and...
  10. Empress of Scotland

    Empress of Scotland arrived in Hamburg as Scotland 22nd Jan 1958 to be moderized at Howaldtswerke and to be renamed Hanseatic.
  11. Empress of Scotland

    Leaving Mersey Bar, 1954 Hope the forward funnel wasn't a dummy!
  12. Empress of Scotland

    Leaving Mersey Bar, 1954
  13. Empress of Scotland

    EMPRESS OF SCOTLAND 1930 26313 tgr CPR b/as EMPRESS OF JAPAN 42 EMPRESS OF SCOTLAND - 58 SCOTLAND - 58 HANSEATIC Disposal Data: fire New York 7.9.66 & bu Hamburg 11.66 from Miramar
  14. Empress of Scotland

    C.P. Letterview dated June 1955
  15. Empress of Scotland

    Built by Fairfield SB&E Co. Govan, 26,032 gross tons, loa 644' and launched in 1929 as Empress of Japan. Powered by 6 steam turbines reduction geared to two shafts giving a service speed of 22 knots. Passengers 399 1st, 164 2nd, 100 3rd & 510 steerage. Crew 579. Requisitioned as a troop ship...
1-15 of 15 Results