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  1. The Engine Room
    I'm still puzzling out the SS Camlough's last disastrous trip in January of 1932 from the various conflicting newspaper reports. I've got two follow-up questions from my earlier post. An answer to that post established from a newspaper report published December of 1920 (on the day before...
  2. RMS Hildebrand (3)

    British pass/cargo liner HILDEBRAND (3), imo 1185422/ 133m/ 7.735gt/ 15kn; 12/12/1951 completed by Cammel Laird & Co., Ltd., Birkenhead, for Booth Steamship Co., Ltd., Liverpool; 28/12/1951 sailed on her maiden voyage from Liverpool, Leixões, Lisbon, Pará, Manaus; 1953 represented Booth Line at...
1-2 of 2 Results