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  1. Engine room

    Engine room Bismillah, built by the Aker yard, Oslo 1950 for Fred Olsen, Oslo. There is a picture of the ship's exteriors a bit down on this Norwegian webpage:
  2. The Engine Room
    I'm in the process of researching the SS Camlough, which was wrecked near to where I live on the coast at Monreith in Southwest Scotland. Part of the remaining stern of the vessel has been exposed by this winter's storms. On 14th January, the vessel came to rest, stranded high on rocks and...
  3. Coasters
    I've been researching the events which lead up to the stranding (and wrecking) of the SS Camlough in 1932 on a beach near where I live in Southwest Scotland. Built in 1920, the Camlough was coal-fired a 166 ft. single boiler/triple expansion engine ship, one of the fleet of 'Kelly's Coal...
  4. Benvrackie Boiler Room

    Donkeyman by port boiler.
  5. Benrackie Engine Room

    3rd Engineer Bob Stephenson larking about
  6. Juseo Maru

    Engine room of a Japanese sand carrier Abt 1,240 mtdw, built at Yano Zosen in 2011 IMO 9601649.
  7. Juseo Maru

    Engine room of a Japanese sand carrier Abt 1,240 mtdw, built at Yano Zosen in 2011 IMO 9601649.
  8. Engine room Charlesville

    Charlesville top of engine room
  9. BP International Hotel

    The statue in the foyer of the hotel where I stayed, dedicated to the Scout movement... based next door, which is `big` out in Hong Kong :o)
  10. Crankcase inspection.

    Taken by 3E "Scotty" with my camera while I was checking the crank case bottom for any possible "nasties". The Main Engine was running on Marine diesel at this time, note how clean it is.
  11. British Faith

    Main turbines 1960
  12. Kronos - March 1982

    Engine room on fire
  13. Kronos - March 1982

    Engine Room on fire. Fuel tank explosion
  14. Kronos - March 1982

    Engine Room Fire

    Rudolph.a.Furtado, a young 4th Eng in the "Engine Console room"
  16. Central position

    Small twin screw diesel engine ship fitted with 4-cycle single-acting airless injection engines. Throttle, pressure gauges and engine room telegraphs are seen in the background.
  17. Lyttelton II engine room

    Lyttelton II engine room. Taken in the late 1980's after the Victorian Steamship Society had taken her on. Tied up at North Wharf for some time and not operating. Never restored and scrapped in 2007
1-19 of 26 Results