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  1. The Engine Room
    A question for the engineers from a former R/O. In 1986 I was working on a Greek built product tanker (Brassie/3FCG) as R/O. We were crossing the Pacific with a following sea and the ship was surfing. As the stern rose the prop was briefly relieved of its full load sometimes and when this...
  2. Engine, Buffalo

    Is this engine still at the builders, or is it already placed aboard ship? Buffalo,built 1953 at the Aker yard in Oslo for Fred Olsen, Oslo 1/1953: Fred.Olsen & Co., Oslo - BUFFALO /1970: Everett Orient Line Inc(Everett S,S,Comp,S.A) Monrovia - ROSSEVERETT 10/1978: Loy Kee Shipbreaker &...
  3. Ernest Lapointe ER

    Engine connecting rods
  4. Ernest Lapointe Engines

    CCGS Ernest Lapointe, see also in gallery maritime museums
  5. B&W

    Bottom Plates. Trein Maersk
  6. steam powered outboard motor boat

    Took this at the Hobart Wooden boat festival. Obviously an outboard but what is powering it? Due to the crowds this remains an unsolved mystery. Anyone out there know about this vessel and what powers her. The ale in hand is I presume not a vital part of the fuel/propulsion system.
  7. Bunga Kasturi Empat engine

    Engine in the LCC
  8. Piping, engine, boilers.

    From Rasmussen: ''Skibsmaskinlære,'' 2'nd ed. Copenhagen 1900. Subtitled: ''for the use of Mates and Masters.'' And in the preface (reprinted from 1'st ed. 1892), it is informed that the book contains all that those deck officers ought to know about the engineroom.
  9. How it works

    Display Reederei Lauterjung, Emden
  10. Puritan, engine

    Engine of the Sound steamer Puritan of the Fall River Line of 1888. Engines built by W. et A. Fletcher Co. in Hoboken, NJ, IHP 7500. The ''walking beam'' is enclosed, which is a bit sad: ''show what you got'' I think should be the American way! From Cassier's Magazine 1897: ''The Puritan has a...
  11. Steering engine, ST Wattle

    Brass guard (lifted up) was an OHS requirement added in late 1980's
  12. doxford three

1-13 of 13 Results