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  1. The Engine Room
    Steamship Engine Room and Boiler Room Expertise Needed– SS Camlough’s Last Trip (January 1932) I’m continuing to tease out answers to some unanswered questions from all the available contemporary evidence. Apologies for the length of this post – but I would be grateful if people who have...
  2. Histories
    I am writing a historical novel, which concerns a fictional hospital/troop-ship in the Adriatic at the beginning of 1916. For my narrative to work, my fictitional coal-fired ship needs to develop a fault which will partially disable it but still allow it to make headway, even if at reduced...
  3. BEN LINE 'Engineer'

    Me with my bag packed ready to join the Benavon for my first trip. 1962
  4. LCT Aachen, engineer at the engine controls

    4 Paxman engines, two screws and instant response. Fortunately. Voice from the top bridge to the wheelhouse, repeated by the helmsman, and acted on by the seaman at the telegraph, and reacted to with remarkable speed by the engineer below.
  5. Queen Zenobia

    LPG tanker in Gib on the 4th July. Daniel
  6. Eastbank engineer

    They just happened to be passing by and they agreed to pose for him. Honest. Yokohama perhaps, '53.
  7. British Faith

    Our gallant Third with the cup that cheers!
  8. Masters and Engineers

    26-10-2009 in Gdynia. Masters and Engineers meeting. Masters you know already, engineers are: Dave 2nd eng, David ch/eng and Ali 2nd eng.
  9. SBS Torrent 2009

    Chief Engineer - in the engine control room, while working in the Bombay High oil field about 60 miles due west of Mumbai - got the hang of this job at last......
  10. Balmoral Universal 1982

    3rd Engineer - working on a Rolls Royce generator and looking a bit p***ed off. I hated those engines....
  11. Clan Alpine 1973

    Engineer Cadet - first day, first trip. Built like a stick, wet behind the ears and just a bit scared.
1-11 of 12 Results