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  1. English Star

    English Star at Antwerp 14 August 1963

    Fergusson Wharf, Auckland Final voyage to Auckland 1973, she called for a few hours. This was from my first roll of 35 mm as a fifteen year old.

    MV English Star arriving Gothenburg 1980's. Built 1985 by Harland and Wolff for BSL 10291 GRT
  4. English Star

    MV English Star arriving at Dunedin on the 13/4/1967 Built 1950 by Fairfield 9996 GRT Sold 1973 for breaking up Kaohsiung, this commenced January 1974 Sister of Scottish Star detained Suez 1967-1975
  5. English Star

    English Star - Fitting out at H&W Belfast
  6. English Star

    Launched by Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Co., Govan for Blue Star Line on 6th December 1949. Delivered to owners October 1950. She arrived at Kaohsiung on 21st September 1973 for breaking up by Chin Tai Steel Enterprise Co. and work began in December of that year.
  7. English Star

    Blue Star Line 1950 10174 grt 506 ft 70 ft 16 kts
  8. English Star

    Blue Star's "English Star" nearing completion at Harland & Wolff, Belfast. 4-6-85.

    Owner .: Blue Star Line Ltd LONDON 1985
  10. english star

1-10 of 10 Results