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  1. Englishman crew 1949

    Old photo of my fathers taken on board the tug Englishman. The place is Ferrol, and the date is 26th December 1949. Sid Hawkings on the far left. My dad George Henson on the far right, and the fellow at the back in the middle is Charlie Laurence. Can any of you UTC blokes fill in the gaps.
  2. Englishman

    M/T Englishman, Singapore 1970. Playing Greek Ship who won 1-0 Back row L-R Cyril Hyam skipper, Charlie Thompson mate, Jeff Wilson or Watson, John Taylor r.o. Dave Hoe 3rd eng. John Noble d/h, Front row Eddie Mason galley boy, Kenny Bails d/h Nick Exel cook, ships agent, Keith Bryant d/h. John...
  3. Englishman

    Bath time on Englishman

    The former german supply vessel SCHEPELSTURM, now ENGLISHMAN, in NOK / june 2005. 1975 Elsflether Werft/392 - imo7408914 CS: C6NF5 / current flag: Bahamas L*B= 70,16*14,03m GT: 1782 TDW: 1540ts SCHEPELSTURM-95, DDG Hansa, HB> VVG, VTG, D> Lib; Englishman-, Bs;
  5. Englishman4

    Englishman dressed overhall for Commonwealth Ministers conference. Eastern anchorage Singapore January 1971.
1-5 of 5 Results