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    ENTERPRISE & HOHEBURG in Flensburg/ 11th May 2019. Videolink:
  2. Enterprise

    IMO number: 7424774 Type of ship: Anchor Handling Vessel MMSI: 207348000 Gross tonnage: 1313 tons DWT: 1414 tons Built: 1975 Builder: Smedvik Mekaniske Verksted, Tjorvag, Norway. Flag: Bulgaria Home port: Varna Class society: Registro Italiano Navale. Manager: BM Chartering...
  3. USS Enterprise

    Came across this unusual image of Enterprise, taken 1969 following the ingition (radhaz) of one of her aircraft's Zuni rockets. Fire killed 28 crew and destroyed 15 aircraft. Personally i was not aware of this fire, however the RN would regularly educate the effects of Radhaz ( EMF radiation...

    Preserved paddler at Canberra. She was built in 1878 and I think originally worked on the Murray River and was later a houseboat.

    She has been sailing again since the mid 1980s and is part of the National Museum of Australia.
  6. Enterprise

    Vestars North Sea Logistics vessel at Ramsgate on 5th August 2011
  7. Task Force One

    Operation Sea Orbit: On 31 July 1964, USS Enterprise (CVAN-65) (bottom), USS Long Beach (CGN-9) (center) and USS Bainbridge (DLGN-25) (top) formed "Task Force One," the first nuclear-powered task force, and sailed 49,190 km around the world in 65 days. Accomplished without a single refueling or...
  8. Enterprise

    Enterprise passing Seacombe inwards for Eastham
  9. Enterprise

    Enterprise west of Faroes

    Feb 2011, towin butt o lewis
  11. Enterprise

    Photo taken New Waterway near Rozenburg 16-6-2010
  12. Enterprise

    The semi submercible ship Enterprise with the dredger Versalius onboard ready to leave the Tyne for Castallon Spain (once they have shut the rear door! ).
  13. Enterprise

    Dockwise shipping's semi submercible 'Enterprise 'arriving in the Tyne today to load the Dredger Versalius
  14. enterprise

    nw foula few days ago
  15. enterprise

    nw foula few days ago
  16. enterprise

    nw foula few days ago
  17. enterprise

    nw foula few days ago
  18. Enterprise

    Survey Hydrographic - Oceanographic Vessel Builder Appledore Shipbuilders Commissioned 17th October 2003 Displacement 3470 tonnes Lenght 90.6m Beam 16.8m Anchored Belfast Lough 03-08-2008
  19. enterprise

    enterprise 11
  20. FR 365 Enterprise

    FR 365 Enterprise in Hirtshals this afternoon. Note her anchor seems to be lifted ashore by the crane in the background.
1-20 of 32 Results