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  1. Equator Crossing - Tegelberg

    From Gran's journal: I think we crossed the equator today, but the King Neptune Ceremony is tomorrow. Mr. Gottgens is to be Neptune. He said he refused to serve unless the Japanese children in Tourist were invited up. Pop says they won’t dunk us if we have on good clothes and look our...
  2. Equator river trip

    The Russian cadets from their cargo training ship Equator arriving alongside HMS Woorcester to visit ...summer 1956
  3. Equator

    The Russian training ship Equator circa 1956 visits London and her cadets go down to Greenhithe to visit HMS Worcester
  4. Royal Viking Star, Equator

    This is a photo of one of the receptionists (Kirsty) getting the full "Crossing the Equator" treatment, still in her uniform, and then into the crew pool. 1970's
1-7 of 7 Results