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  1. Erlangen

    The German cargo liner ERLANGEN; 155m/6.341gt/ 17 knots; 29/11/1955 launched by Howaldstwerke, Hamburg, for Hamburg Amerika Linie – HAPAG, Hamburg; 1969 chartered by Samudera, Djakarta, and name altered for LAWANTI; 1971 LAWANTI, Samudera, Djakarta; 01/1984 arrived somewhere in China for breaking up
  2. Erlangen

    ERLANGEN 1970 13073 tgr Hamburg-America W.Ger. At P.L.A. Quay Tilbury on 18-6-73
  3. Erlangen

    This German vessel made a name for herself after doing the bolt from New Zealand during the war. John Wayne was her skipper in the very distorted movie that was made some years later. Regards, Roy.
1-3 of 3 Results