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  1. Erling Jarl

  2. Hitlers U-boat bunkers in Trondheim

    This photo dates back to 1977 and shows the hurtigruteship Erling Jarl in the old german floating dock. The dock was put there by the occupants during ww2 as a part of the massive U-boat stronghold in Trondheim. The base was built around the two huge U-boat bunkers, the Dora1 and Dora2. Dora1 is...
  3. Erling Jarl

    Captain and visitors on the ship's bridge
  4. Erling Jarl

    ERLING JARL 1949 2098 tgr Nor. Det Nordenfjeldske D/S. From a slide I bought with full copyright.
1-4 of 4 Results