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  1. SM18 LORBAS

    19m-Esbjerg cutter LORBAS on tour. A new video of our rc meetings in 2017 is available: Rgds Arne
  2. Esbjerg

    Danske Statsbaner Built 1964 IMO 6413302
  3. SM 18 LORBAS

    This is my 19m Esbjerg cutter LORBAS. The model based on a danish model kit, produced by billing boats. The vessel was lengthened and elevated by myself. The original 1/33 scaled model has a length of 55cm. LORBAS is 63.5cm long and has a weight of 5kg. A video of the vessel is availlable...
  4. SM18 LORBAS

    Maidenvoyage!!! of my 2001 built 19m-Esbjerg cutter LORBAS.
  5. SM18 LORBAS

    Maidenvoyage!!! of my 2001 built 19m-Esbjerg cutter LORBAS.
  6. Esbjerg

    Seen from aboard the Dana Regina on arrival at the port in November 1978
  7. Esbjerg

    The DFDS 'butter boats' Suffolk and Sussex with a group of mini-cruise passengers from MV Dana Regina being shown around the port in October 1978
  8. Esbjerg

    The Danish port in November 1978
  9. The stranded Elisabeth Rickmers

    The German 3-mast-barque Elisabeth Rickmers lying high and dry on the coast of Jutland. The Elisabeth Rickmers (1300 grt/1900 tdw) was built in 1876 by Rickmers Reismühlen, Schiffbau A. G., Geestemünde, hull-number 72 and delivered in 1877. She left Bremerhaven on Febr. 6th, 1894 with 600 ts...
  10. PD 87 Duthies II

    PD 87 Duthies II in Esbjerg in the queue for scrapping. - or a new future down sunny south.. 21.01.2010
  11. Esbjerg

    Esbjerg, Port in Denmark....great `run ` ashore :o) I was on the `P` supply boat in the corner :o)
  12. D 162 Ocean Harvester

    Irish vessel Ocean Harvester being scrapped in Esbjerg (DK) the 3rd November 2008
  13. Irish vessels - End station Esbjerg

    Irish vessels being scrapped in Esbjerg (DK). 20081103

    ESBJERG sailed between Esbjerg and Fanø, DK 1964: built in Aalborg, DK 1998: sold to Lagos, Nigeria r/n ETIRENO
  15. Esbjerg

    Esbjerg in the 1920'ies, DFDS ship loading. Wonder if the photographer is in a hurry? - His models may be wondering about that too. If those wheels/barrel-ends on each side of the uniformed fellow in the lower left corner are supposed to be round, then there was a lot of distortion in the...
  16. E 727 Jette Kristine

    E 727 Jette Kristine from Esbjerg full of eels. Waiting on to unloading the eels in Thyborøn 30.05.2008.
  17. R 15 K Traal

    Norwegian industrial trawler in Esbjerg 24.10.2007
  18. E 595 Simone Christina

    Industrial trawler Simone Christina taking ice before departure. Esbjerg 24.10.2007
  19. E 400 Allesøe

    This E 400 Allesøe in Esbjerg this afternoon with a good load. Probably sprats
1-20 of 35 Results