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  1. Escalante

    Photo taken in 1968 in the London Royals.
  2. Escalante

    Berthing alonside at Smiths on the Tyne is the Escalante of Royal Mail Line.
  3. Escalante

    Royal Mail Line's "Escalante" being towed out of Smith's Dock on the Tyne. One of four sisters built by H&W at Govan she was completed in 1955 and sold in 1970. Renamed "Manes P" her new owners got little use out of her as on her maiden voyage for them she ran aground at St Johns NB on 2...
  4. Escalante

    The "Escalante" under tow in the Tyne. Built in 1955 and sold by Royal Mail Line in 1970 she was renamed "Manes P" and wrecked at St Johns, New Brunswick, on her first voyage for her new owners.
1-4 of 4 Results