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  1. Essex

    Federal Steam's Essex is in London's Royal Albert Dock in 1971. Built 1954 she was 10,936 gr tons. She may have been the cadet ship at this time.

    Singapore 1977 Built 1954 as Essex for Federal SN. 1973 to P and O. 1975 sold and renamed Golden Gulf. 1977 broken up Gadani Beach.
  3. Rhine Barge at Maldon, Essex

    I think this is a Rhine Barge taken a good few years back at Maldon, Essex. These are now getting very popular as pleasure and holiday craft as well as houseboats.

    Formerly Federal Line's ESSEX. Seen at Singapore when owned by Guan Guan Shipping. Some wag had removed the builders plate from the engine room and replaced it with a handpainted replica giving the ship's name STRATHADIT. The crew didn't really see the funny side of it ...! Does anyone out there kno
  5. Essex

    Federal Line's Essex at Lyttelton in 1962. Built in 1954 in 1975 she became Guan Guan's Golden Gulf and was broken up at Gadani Beach in 1977
  6. Essex

    the Federal line ship Essex
  7. Essex

    Federal Steam Nav Co
  8. Essex

    My first ship and six hatches when i was on her. Dolan/Sneb
1-9 of 9 Results