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  1. Esso Glasgow

    The great survivor, the T2 Esso Glasgow is passing Gravesend inward bound for Purfleet on one of her coastal runs in 1966. Her last few years in service generally saw her performing these duties although I do recall an unexpected return to the West Indies for a single voyage in the early 60's. I...
  2. Esso Glasgow

    Before the days of nationwide and international pipelines, Esso employed a large number of coastwise and short sea distribution tankers from Fawley of which the Esso Glasgow was probably the best known and loved. A surviving T2 usually in splendid external condition she began life in 1944 as the...
  3. Esso Glasgow

    Esso Glasgow, 10720 grt. Built 1944. Seen in Avonmouth Oil Basin 13 February 1962.
  4. Esso Glasgow

    Esso Glasgow Built: 1944 Sun SB Corp, Chester, Pennsylvania Tonnage: 10,297grt Owners: Esso Petroleum Co Ltd 1944: Built as Wauhatchee for U.S. War Sg. Admin 1946: Esso Glasgow 1971: Broken up at Bilbao, Spain.
  5. Esso Glasgow

    Esso Petroleum 1944 10720 grt 524 ft 68 ft 14-1/2 kts (T2)
1-5 of 5 Results