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  1. Esso Norway

    "Esso Norway" had an explosion aboard in 1964, killing 3 crew members. She was towed to Aden and subsequently sold to Greek Owners. We passed her in the anchorage off Aden in late 1964 with a smaller Greek tanker lightering off cargo.
  2. Esso Norway

    The ill-fated "Esso Norway" heading for the Gulf early in 1964. A few months later on 25 August she had an explosion and fire with the loss of three crew. Eventually towed to Aden she was sold the following year 'as is' to Greek owners. She was only three years old at the time.
  3. Esso Norway

    This photo shows the "Esso Norway" off the Arabian coast a few months before the explosion and fire she suffered in 1964(?)off the Arabian coast.(I can vaguely remember the accident as we were on the same run at the time but not her final fate) She was later towed to Aden and rebuilt but can...
1-3 of 3 Results