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    EUCADIA was built by Barclay Curle at Glasgow in 1946 - photographed by the late Des Harris from a South Wales tug Later: 1963 IONIAN renamed MACEDON same year and wrecked Pigeon Rocks, Ras Beirut, 11.11.64
  2. Eucadia

    Anchor Line, warbuilt standard ship

    ANCHOR LINE Sorry no info
  4. A pair of reprobates!

    Myself (Dave Heald) and another cadet (Tony Lanni from Leith, I believe!) having a discussion about alcohol! Probably MV Exmoor or Eucadia. 1975 or 76 Anybody know either of us??
  5. Eucadia

    The Anchor Line vessel, EUCADIA, from 1974 (I think!). Scanned from a framed photograph I bought from a "bum-boat" in either Bombay or Karachi, during my sevice in her in '74.
1-5 of 5 Results