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  1. European Trader

    Plaudits are due to P&O for realising that their house flag was as good a recognisable symbol of their identity as any amount of squiggles and blodges that adorned some vessels. I also like the way that the heavy horizontal line has been used to try and break up the slab sided look of the ship...
  2. European Trader

    Townsend Thoresen Departing Dover Eastern Docks in November 1978
  3. European Trader

    Townsend Thoresen ro-ro cargo ferry headed into Dover in summer 1981
  4. European Trader

    European Trader, inbound, Tees in misty conditions

    Photographed 24 May 1990, in the English Channel
  6. European Trader

    Here on 22-10-2008 swinging in front of Tees Dock and backing to the berth
  7. European Trader

    The Trader on the DCT, Xmas 1989, taken from the wing of the Pride of Winchester, which was on the Eastern Arm. One for you Don.
  8. European Trader

    European Trader on the Eastern Arm, Dover
1-8 of 8 Results