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fair princess
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  1. Fair Princess

    Sailing from Mazatlan on 24 March 1992, photographed from on board Enchanted Isle.
  2. Fair Princess

    Fair Princess at Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea during an amazing cruise that took us to Vanuatu, the Solomon Is and several places in Papua New Guinea.
  3. Fair Princess

    Fair Princess at Mazatlan 24 March 1992

    FAIR PRINCESS (ex-CARINTHIA, ex-FAIRSEA) departing San Francisco's Pier 35 on a summer afternoon in 1995.

    FAIR PRINCESS (ex-Cunard CARINTHIA) departing San Francisco in the summer of 1995. Compare this photo with those I posted of FAIRWIND and note how Sitmar's dark blue hull stripe improved the look of these sister ships; emphasizing their sheer.
  6. Fair Princess

    stern view of Fair Princess
  7. Fair Princess

    Fair Princess passing under Sydney Harbour Bridge circa late 1980's
1-11 of 11 Results