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  1. Fair Princess

    Sailing from Mazatlan on 24 March 1992, photographed from on board Enchanted Isle.
  2. Fairsea

    Sitmar Line Built 1956, 16,667 gross tons, 608 foot x 80 foot beam, speed @ 20 knots ex Fairland ex Carinthia

    Sitmar liner FAIRSEA after its initial conversion from the aircraft carrier Charger 1949. Built: 1941 Converted to a passenger ship 1949. 11,678gt Broken up at La Speizia 1969.
  4. Fairsea

    Sitmar Line (Alvion Steamship Co Ltd) Laid down 1941 by Sun Shipbuilding Co Ltd, Chester, Pennsylvania 13, 432 gross tons, 492 foot x 70 foot beam, 6 cylinder Doxford diesel speed @ 16 knots 1941 ex Rio de la Plata C3 cargo ship for Moore McCormack Lines 1942Completed at Newport News...
  5. Fairsea

    Sitmar Line's finest at the time in a magnificent setting
  6. Fairsea

    Fairsea heading north through the Panama Canal.
  7. Fairsea

    On the hunt for a photo found some of these instead. Andrew.

    At Capetown in her definitively look.

    After partial modernize :Built Sun Chester 1941- cv pass. ship 1949 l as RIO DE LA PLATA-FAIRSEA 49- Bu La Spezia 6-8-69.
  10. Fairsea

    Fairsea at Falmouth. 1959. owners Sitmar I believe.
  11. Fairsea

    Fairsea leaving Los Angeles 1974 taken from Arcadia. David
1-12 of 12 Results