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  1. TSS Fairstar model circa 1965

    I received this model back in 1983. As pictured it was quite 'tired' I have restored it and will post more pics soon.

    In Sutherland dock Cockatoo Island.
  3. Model Ships

    TSS Fairstar ~ Travel Agents metal display model
  4. Fairstar

    Sitmar Line The Dining Saloon
  5. Fairstar

    Sitmar Line The Lido Bar with its wall of windows looking out onto the pool deck
  6. Fairstar

    Sitmar Line The two deck high Zodiac Lounge
  7. Fairstar

    Sitmar Line View from the gangplank going aboard on 5th September 1971
  8. Fairstar

    Sitmar Line Built 1957 by Fairfield Shipbuilding 23,764 gross tons, 609 foot x 78 foot beam, speed @ 17 knots ex Oxfordshire
  9. Fairstar

    Sitmar Line Built 1957 by Fairfield 23,764 gross tons, 603 foot x 78 foot beam, speed @ 17 knots ex Oxfordshire
  10. Fairstar

    Sitmar Line
  11. Fairstar

    Sitmar Line The former Oxfordshire of Bibby Line when running to Australia for the Italian company and also undertaking some cruises
  12. Fairstar

    Photo taken 2 days before ship sailed to the breakers.

    Fairstar sailing from Outer Harbor / Pt Adelaide (South Australia).

    Princes Wharf,Auckland,NZ 1978. One ship that rebuilding improved her looks. Built 1957 as Oxfordshire for Bibby Line as their last new passenger ship/troopship. 1963 chartered to Sitmar and rebuilt. 1964 entered service and renamed Fairstar. 1997 Ripa for voyage to breakers...
  15. Fairstar

    Fairstar from a Sitmar postcard
  16. Fairstar

    In Sydney. January 78.
  17. Fairstar

    The Zodiac Lounge Fairstar
  18. Fairstar

    Fairstar Ex - Oxfordshire taken at Vanuatu Builders Fairfield Shipbuilding & Engineering Company Ltd Yard Govan Yard number 775 Gross tonnage* 21,619 grt Length 185.76m x 23.66m x 8.408m Engines 4 Pametrada steam turbines Engine builders Fairfield Shipbuilding & Engineering Company...
  19. Fairstar

    Auckland, 1970's
1-20 of 27 Results