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  1. Falaise

    British Railways Seen before she adopted the joint service flag emblem on her funnel departing Newhaven
  2. Falaise

    British Railways Arriving at Newhaven
  3. Falaise

    Southern Railway Artistic rendering of the brand new ferry for use on posters at railway stations and in carriages produced for the company in 1947.
  4. Falaise

    En route to Dieppe on a hazy summer morning
  5. Falaise

    Alongside the Marine Repair Shed at Newhaven with, just visible, the then new 'Joint Service' funnel emblem
  6. Falaise

    Arriving at Newhaven - Although already with Monastral Blue hull the Falaise has yet to adopt the Joint Service insignia on her funnel
  7. Falaise

    In her original guise on the Southampton to Western France services before conversion to a car ferry, initially to open the Newhaven-Dieppe car ferry service Built 1947 by Denny, Dumbarton 4,700 gross tons, 310 foot x 49 foot, speed 20 knots
  8. Falaise

    Showing how cramped for space was her boat deck
  9. Falaise

    All the glory of steam - Falaise on a Channel crossing in 1972
  10. Falaise

    Falaise as she appeared when first introduced after conversion to a car ferry on the Newhaven to Dieppe route
  11. TSS Falaise in Newhaven late 1977

    Falaise tied up in Newhaven in late 1977
  12. Falaise - on trials

    British Railways' steamer Falaise. From the fact that she's absolutely pristine, and that there appear to be only crew on board, The concencus here at the Museum is that this probably shows her brand new and on trials.
  13. Falaise and Kitava

    In the 60's Newhaven could repair it own ships. Here, Falaise is being wedged in at the Marine Workshops, next to the bridge. The old Newhaven bridge and the presence of Kitava standing in for the Meeching (away for refit) suggests late 60's. Kitava was 'fun' compared to Meeching!
  14. Falaise and Brighton

    This scene is Dieppe on a summer afternoon in 1964. The Falaise is at the new car ferry ramp, having just opened the Newhaven-Dieppe car ferry service. RMS Brighton has just arrived, heading for the passenger berth ahead of Falaise. She was to be the last passenger only steamer on the run.
  15. Falaise

    This is Falaise in 1964, with original hull colours. She'd just opened the Newhaven/Dieppe car ferry link.
  16. Falaise

    This is Falaise in 1966 - after the colour change from black to blue hulls. Unlike the rest of the British Railways fleet, the Newhaven ships kept the Buff/Black top funnel.
1-16 of 16 Results