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  1. Ship Research
    Hello, My name is flaviu, my hobby is diving and an entusiastic wreck researcher. My and my friends found a wreck on the israeli coast and we think the wreck is the SS Hilda, build by J. Fullerton & Co, Paisley in 1884 and wrecked in 10 of july 1893 "Wrecked 10 miles north of Jaffa on passage...
  2. Uganda

    Hospital Ship UGANDA with a Chinook Helicopter unloading casualties off the Falkland Islands In 1982 while a Royal Navy WESSEX awaits its turn W/C 16” X 11” Jim
  3. HMS Cardiff

    HMS Cardiff at anchor of Port Howard West Falklands with her Battle Ensigns flying on the 15 June 1982. Where we took the surrender of 715 Argentine soldiers that had been garrisoned there. Photo taken by Leading Seaman (Radar) Richard Middleton. The Black stripe down the side was painted...
  4. HMS Cardiff

    Clear lower Deck Mombasa April 1982. Captain Harris Informs HMS Cardiff Ships Company that we were being diverted from Armila Patrol to go to the Falklands.
  5. Port Stanley 1982

    CP Ships class 3 chemical tankers coming alongside in Port Stanley in 1982. My ship the Fort Rouge bringing fresh water to the Fort Toronto in the now peacetime harbour of Port Stanley. Fresh water was pretty important stuff to the ships down there at the time. We were sent to top up the...
  6. Maritime Family History Research
    Please see
  7. Wrecks
    Good evening, I've just found that my gt gt grandfather George Unwin of Liverpool (b1839 and a sailmaker) died in Montevideo after his ship Rotomahana caught fire and sank near Elephant Cay Rock in the Falklands on August 19 1884. Launched just three years previously, the Rotomahana was an...
  8. Lady Elizabeth

    On 4 December 1912, The Lady Elizabeth left Vancouver bound for Delagoa Bay Mozambique,[9] with a shipment of lumber. The ship encountered severe weather halfway through the voyage and was damaged just off Cape Horn. Four crew members were lost overboard, along with the ship's two boats and part...

    Rivercruiser visit Nijmegen NL
  10. Merchant Providence on Falkland Islands postage stamp

    In connection with previous discussion over my pic of East Cove, Mare Harbour, Falklands, here is a postage stamp of 12 May 1985 showing Merchant Providence at that location. The stamp is on a first day cover commemorating the official opening of Mount Pleasant Airport on that date. The ship's...
  11. British Wye, South Atlantic, 1982

    Showing the Bridge from astern. Looking out at me is the Mate, AG Bagley. More Lub. oil drums
  12. View of RFA oiler from British Wye

    Shot taken from the bridge deck, to port of the swimming pool showing part of the deck cargo of lub. oil drums (Castrol, not BP). The stbd. lifeboat davits can be seen, stbd. bridge wing and sparky's mast.

    Arriving back from the Falklands 11 June 1982

    Arriving back from the Falklands 11 June 1982

    On her arrival back from the Falklands 11 June 1982

    Arriving back from the Falklands on 11 June 1982 approaching Southampton. I can still remember the thrill of hearing her annouching her arrival using her steam whistles.

    Returning to Southampton from the Falklands 11 Jul 1982
1-19 of 27 Results