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  1. Falls of Clyde

    Seen at Honolulu, Hawaii
  2. Falls of Clyde

    Taken before she was stripped down of her sails.
  3. Falls of Clyde

    In 2008, Bishop Museum announced that the ship was going to be scuttled in deep water unless a new owner could be found. The ship was down rigged in preparation for her disposal. The yards and top masts in the photo were welded to each other and the deck.
  4. Falls of Clyde

    Hawaii Maritime Museum
  5. Falls of Clyde

    Falls of Clyde, Honolulu Harbour, 03/05/08
  6. Falls of Clyde

    Falls of Clyde, Honolulu Harbour, 03/05/08

    Historic iron hulled 4 masted sailing merchant vessel. late 1960s Hawaii.
  8. Falls of Clyde

    Four-mast barque Falls of Clyde, today lying in Honolulu as museum ship. The photograph is probably taken from a tug that has given her a good "offing". The fore topgallant and the main upper topsail are being hoisted. There's a man on the fore royal loosening the gaskets. Built by Russell in...
  9. Honolulu, Sail ship = Falls of Clyde

    I took this photo in Honolulu, Hawaii 1974-76. The converted barge in the foreground is a large Chinese restaurant (does anybody remember it, is it still there?) Do any of you shipping buff's recognize the sailing ship in the background, if so what is her name??? I don't have the name...
1-9 of 9 Results