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  1. River Class and Lyme Bay

    Seen in Falmouth it appears one of the Rivers is in commission the other not as she is not flying any flags. I believe this could be either Mersey or Tyne inboard with Severn preparing to recommission. Falmouth has previously supported OPV's for refits and maintenance.
  2. HM Naval base Falmouth?

    An interesting image taken 11 Jan 2019. visible in Falmouth are 1. Argus - preparing to deploy 2. Tideforce completing her militarization refit 3.Lyme Bay - just returned from the Gulf, hence Phalanx fitted. 4. 2x River class OPV.

    Seen here as a 'Whitby' class probably during builders trials under Red Ensign
  4. Ships No More
    Hi all, I am wondering if anyone can help me. I am trying to find out details about a ship named Cäcilia or Cecilia (dutch or gemany ship - not sure). In 1827 or 1828 (january) it sunks near Falmouth ou Plymouth (England) with germany emmigrants to Brazil. It was a sail ship three masters...
  5. Falmouth

    Busy day in dock number 2 Falmouth, King harry ferry arriving along with Ammunition lighter from Devonport. Ably assisted by port tug St Piran.
  6. Truro River

  7. ex Thames Class lifeboat

    ex On1031 50ft Thames Class lifeboat, "Rotary Service" Former Falmouth and Dover lifeboats, later Pilot Vessel at Fowey & Castletownbere. Seen here on mooring off Beare Island, This vessel is currently subject of a fundraising appeal to Bring it back to Brooke Marine in Lowestoft, where...
  8. Laid up

    River Fal
  9. Falmouth

    One of a number of photos taken in Cornwall by my parents a good many years ago
  10. Falmouth

    Old newspaper photo of TIDEREACH, ST MERRYN and ST MAWES at Falmouth.
  11. Londonderry, Falmouth at HMS Sultan

    Londonderry and Falmouth photographed on the 26 April 1988 while acting as static training vessels for HMS Sultan, Portsmouth
  12. Londonderry and Falmouth

    Londonderry and Falmouth photographed on the 16 June 1987 while acting as static training vessels for HMS Sultan, Portsmouth
  13. Chain Locker Falmouth

    How many of us have fallen in or out of here?
  14. Nina S

    Nina S laid up in the river Fal. April 1998
  15. Falmouth

    KRONBORG at Falmouth. Sept 10
  16. Falmouth

    HMS Falmouth Pennant No. F113 Photographed 24 Aug 1984 at Portsmouth Dockyard
  17. Falmouth

  18. Patricia

    THV Patricia crew have enjoyed Christmas 2009 at Falmouth.
1-20 of 58 Results