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  1. Llandaff

    The days of a far eastern commis
  2. Maritime Family History Research
    My uncle, Thomas Sturdy Wharton, was in the Royal Navy and spent some days on a life raft after his ship was sunk in 1942. He ended up in Australia. I'd like to know what ship he was on and what incident he was involved in. I have searched the internet, including Australian newspapers, and I...
  3. CHESS

    Photo taken at Terneuzen (the Netherlands) on May 06, 2005
  4. Far East

    Water Colour of Vietnamese SD 14 Far East in Saigon River
  5. Bum Boats, Far East

    Many of that have sailed to the Far East will remember these boats with the families onboard, and they used to dive in the water for anything that you threw into the sea for them, coins etc. I took this photo a couple of years ago in the port of Tagbilaran on the Island of Bohol in the...
  6. unknown uss ships

    at hong kong during 1966,these ships were in when H.M.S CHICHESTER paid a call.the junk must be local
  7. sembawang 1976

    after we had left the far east ,these are the ships that took our place.
1-7 of 7 Results