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    Sietas type 160a feeder ELECTRON entered the Brunsbüttel locks in spring 2008. 1998 Sietaswerft,Hamburg/1154 - imo9186390 CS: PBBQ / current flag: Netherlands L*B*H= 117,90*17,90*7,10m GT: 5056 TDW: 6.850ts 658 TEU MaK, 5.995 kW, 17,5 kn INGRID-06, PR, Mathies SGmbH, HH, D...
  2. Helmsmanview

    Helmsmanview - HEINRICH EHLER while she's entering the Brunsbüttel locks on 12/09/2008.
  3. Bridgeview - HEINRICH EHLER

    Bridgeview of feedervessel HEINRICH EHLER.
  4. Container Feeder - Anna G

    Anna G at Paul Sand, River Humber. Headed for King George Dock, Hull
  5. Spring Bob

    Seatrade's 300TEU reefer entering Dover 18.06.2007
1-5 of 5 Results