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  1. Blue Star Patmos.jpg

    Blue Star Patmos departing Rhodes harbour in 2018
  2. m.v. Dalmig

    Dalmig, ex. Pierre de Saurel operated between Dalhousie NB and Miguasha Que. for a dozen years commencing in 1987.
  3. m.v. Inch Arran

    Inch Arran, former Razade at Trois-Pistole Quebec, operated at Dalhousie, N.B. and Miquasha, Quebec, Canada between 19667 and 1981. I was captain of this ferry for three years between 1979 and 1981. She was then sold to the Newfoundland government and ran at Bay Islands for twenty years.
  4. Ferries Again, Kestrel is in trouble. With no where for her to go she might be sunk. Kestrel must have a curse first the sinking next this and I swear a few years ago she was going to be sunk. Sad when people can rebuild...
  5. Dartmouth to Kingswear Lower Ferry

    Dartmouth to Kingswear Lower Ferry viewed from the river Dart.
  6. Ill fated Jet Foil - Mersey

    This was sent to me from a friend of wanted it used online on one of my sites. This is the ill fated jetfoil that 'tried' to run a service from Liverpool to Dublin. It was a failure because the sea threw it about and passengers were subjected to bouncing about. I think the date was late 60s but at p
  7. Ferry Across the Mersey

    Waiting for the ferry in April 2016. Still can't get my head around how much had changed since I attended the fireman's training school on Pier Head in 1965.
  8. Mont St Michel

    Alongside at Portsmouth
  9. Mont St Michel

    Alongside at Portsmouth
  10. Sorrento Ferry

    Full resolution shows ferry name something like Trecaro.
  11. Ferry

    Guessing that this is a ferry ... it might say M-42 on the side. In front of the Marine Engineering School, Leningrad.
  12. Ferry - Straits of Magellan

    Ferry - 5 kilometer crossing to Tierra del Fuego, Chile. April 1980.
  13. M.V. Stavenes; IMO No. 5339285; (Monk's Ferry Training Trust, Birkenhead)

    Passenger-vehicle, Motor Ferry Stavenes, launched, 1904, as the Passenger Ferry, Steam Ship Stavenes, to yard number 126, by Bergens Mekaniske Verksted, (BMV), Solheimsviken, Norway, and completed and delivered, September 1904, to Nordre Bergenhus Amts Dampskibe, Bergen, Norway; Gross Registered Ton

    JAN MOLSEN IMO 6800220 1925 completed by H.C.Stülcken Sohn, Hamburg for HADAG, Hamburg 1.294GRT, 760bhp total, 2 oil engines 4SA 6Cy. MAN, 2 screws, 12kn, 3.000 passengers max as a port ferry, 1.750 passengers for Hamburg to Cuxhaven service. 1967 collided with sw. SANTOS 1967 it. ISOLA DI CAPRI

    FEHMARN IMO 1927 completed by Werft Nobiskrug GmbH, Rendsburg Owners: Deutsche Bundesbahn Bundesbahndirektion Hamburg 1951 rebuilt 338GRT, 213tdw, 2 oil engines MaK 240bhp each, 2 screws, 700 passengers max. She was operating from Grossenbrode to Fehmarnsund (Island of Fehmarn), a distance of 1
  16. Axaios

    Axaios, ferry between Corfu and the Greek mainland.
  17. Liburnija

    Jadrolinija Ro-Ro ferry Liburnija, Dubrovnik, Croatia.
  18. Liburnija

    Jadrolinija Ro-Ro ferry Liburnija, Dubrovnik, Croatia.
1-19 of 137 Results