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    FINLAND of 1902, U.S. flag. Scrapped 1928.

    On voyage from Antwerp to New York the Red Star liner FINLAND was beached a couple of miles west of Breskens in the mouth of the River Scheldt on 22nd December 1903. She could be refloated on 24th December and she showed little or no danage. She would proceed to Southampton for docking. The...
  3. Finland

    In 1975 Tees Towing's Danby Cross transferred over The North Sea to Willem Muller at Terneuzen where she spent a busy life mainly at the entrance to The Ghent - Terneuzen Canal where she is seen in 1991. Built 1961 she was 114 gr tons.

    View over the ferry terminals at Helsinki, Finland 31 May 2014. Vessels: Thomson Spirit, Superstar, Brilliance of the Seas, Silja Europa, A1442 Spessart.
  5. Vellamo in 1910

    This is a post card my grandfather sent to his father from Stettin in 1910. He has written across the picture: "This is the boat I am on now. Greetings to brother Werner´s family."
  6. Finland

  7. Tug Finland

    taken at Ternuzen 17th May 1985
  8. Romantika On a Gray Day in Helsinki

    Estonian M/S Romantika leaving Helsinki in Sept/2005
  9. Birka

    Birka Express arriving Helsinki, June 30th, 2010
  10. s.s. FINLAND.

    16-05-08. Loc. Dordrecht The Netherlands.
1-10 of 11 Results