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  1. FIONE


    The Kiel canal pilotboat BREIHOLZ alongside Helmsing&Grimms FIONE. The pic was taken on 06/06/2007 near the pilotstation of Rüsterbergen/ Rendsburg. FIONE was sold in 2009 to turkish owners an renamed CAPTAIN UFUK. 1967 Nobiskrug,Rendsburg/652 - imo6802216 CS: / current flag: L*B= 96.20*13.50m GT
  2. Fione


    Alongside the grain terminal at Las Palmas on 02/03/2005. Built in 1967 by Nobiskrug Werft,Rendsburg. as the ''Gratia'' Renamed ''Abdul Razaak Sanusi'' in 1977. Renamed ''Fione'' in 1979. Sold in 2007 and now named .... wait for it ''Captain Ufuk' and currently, 06/10/2008, sitting alongside at Tr
  3. Fione


    Taken on a trip to Felixtowe on 01/11/2006,the Fione seen berthed at Ipswich Docks.