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  1. Seawise University

    The Seawise University, formerly Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth, is seen ablaze on 9 January, 1972. She would burn from stem to stern and eventually capsize after her structural integrity was compromised due to the fires intense heat, which caused her decks to collapse.
  2. Lafayette

    A J4F Widgeon is seen flying over New York Harbor in October, 1943, while below, the hull of the Lafayette, (formerly the Normandie) is shown nearing the end of her salvage operation. The picture was obviously taken from another aircraft, but it is not identified. Wartime censorship appears...
  3. Normandie

    The remains of the Normandie are seen heading down the Hudson after being refloated in November, 1943. The caption from this picture optimistically says she's heading to a shipyard for restoration and a return to service.
  4. Normandie

    The Normandie is shown capsized at her New York pier the morning after a fatal fire that had occurred on February 9, 1942. The massive amount of water pumped onboard the ship by the cities fireboats became trapped on the liners upper decks, making her top heavy; the liner keeled over about 12...
  5. Normandie

    Normandie is seen burning at her pier on February 9, 1942. The ship, which had been seized by the American Government for use as a troopship, was already sporting some dazzle camouflage on her three funnels. Most views don’t show this paint work because it burned off rather quickly after the...
  6. Euroman and Silver Castle

    Note the fire damage. The wing tip in the photograph could belong to a SAAF Shackleton. The photograph was processed in Capetown.
  7. JOHS. P.

    Under tow after fire onboard.
  8. Fire fire in hold corn

    Aboard FONTENOY (Courtage et Transports) at Singapore
  9. Kronos - March 1982

    Engine Room on fire. Fuel tank explosion
  10. Kronos - March 1982

    Engine Room Fire
  11. No smoking on the bridge!

    We discovered this coaster in Durban, I think her name was Anitra (outboard was Anna). Nobody could tell us what happened and we were chased away by a very dodgy crew member who was carrying a crate of beer on board.
  12. E 225 "Rainbow"

    During sandeel fishing in southern North Sea in early summer 2001 "Rainbow" got into fire and sank afterwards. By floating crane the vessel was refloated, but it was later scrapped. Note how the sea have cooled the shellplating and remained the painting. Above waterline there was no cooling...
1-12 of 12 Results