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  1. Ship Research
    Does anyone know about the history of F52 'Cardium' which sank in the entrance to Faversham Creek many years ago and left abandoned?
  2. Ardent INS 127

    fishing vessel that suffered a major fire whilst alongside in Peterhead.
  3. Penang Fishing Boat

    Just an ordinary fishing boat at Telok Bahang, Penang, Malaysia
  4. Mar014

    Fishing boat entering harbour, could be Yorkshire coast
  5. Mar021

    Unknown trawler
  6. 848-model-fishing-boat-fb201-nautical3

    Sea the Day, Fishing Boat Model more info:
  7. Moored at Wells

    People in front of boat are catching small crabs
  8. Capt Mike, Fishing Charter Vessel

    Jamaica Bay, New York, 2010
  9. Filadelfia

    One more picture of fishing boat Filadellfia. It's a hard life and work too, to get for us something we call fish and chips for lunch.
  10. Fishing boat, Gold Coast, c. '58

    Passing by the Cabano anchored offshore and working cargo by surf boats
  11. Fishing boat, Mikladalur

    Showing the landing conditions for the rowing boats used for fishing at Mikladalur, Kallsoy, Faeroe Islands.
  12. Indian Fishing boat

    Goa, India
  13. Harbour of Marina di Ravenna Italy

    The fishing boat Silvia of Chioggia in the winter 1986
  14. Harbour of Cesenatico Italy

    The fishing boat Tigre of Chioggia returning fishing in tre august of 1968
  15. Pilot Star BCK 155

    Prawn trawling off Buckie.
  16. Plough BCK 104

    Steaming into Buckie harbour.
  17. Amethyst BCK 80

    Prawn trawling on the West coast.
  18. Amaryliss BCK 55

    Trawling for prawns.
1-20 of 30 Results