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  1. Ship Research
    Hi all, I was hoping to ask someone who may have the knowledge about how the Navy may have went renaming vessels they requisitioned during the war. For example, if two vessels had the same name, the latter requisitioned vessel would be renamed (is my understanding). Also would anyone know what...
  2. Whitby Harbour

    Whitby in the sixties.
  3. Fishing boats in Birkenhead

    Three small fishing boats alongside at the old Rea's Wharf in Birkenhead, adjacent to Duke St bridge. This was once a coaling berth with four hydraulic cranes, up until the 1950s
  4. Amanda

    Photo taken New Waterway near Rozenburg 05/07/2010
  5. Denarie

    Anybody know where she has now gone. This was taken at Fraserburgh and she was owned by one of the partners of Belmar Engineering in Aberdeen, not Andy Ritchie, the other one, I forget his name now. She was built by Forbes. Either she has had an extra plank added on the bulwarks and forgot to...
  6. Fishing Boats

    Fishing boats ready for sea on Paradise Beach. Southern Goa. India
  7. fishing boats

    sunset scalloway tonight
  8. fishing boats

    sunset scalloway tonight

  10. AMADEUS TH 7

  11. Queenscliff slips, Port Phillip Bay,

    Local fishing boats on slips at Queenscliff. Nov 2007
  12. Solway Harvester

    Someone posted a pic yesterday of the Solway fishing boats in a scotish harbour. Can't find it now .... was in yesterdays posts. Wanted to add two pics of the Solway Harvester that was sunk in Douglas bay. This is how she is now, in Douglas harbour! Picture one .....
  13. Dexterity BCK 53

    Shooting away for another haul.
  14. Lunaria BCK 65

    Heading into Buckie after a nights prawn trawling.
  15. Lochinver

    Spindrift BCK1(x Rowan Tree) Lyn Marie BCK 86 Integrity BCK 36
  16. Avail BCK 33

    Prawn trawling off Buckie.
  17. Carina BF 803

    My 2nd home over in Denmark for a refit.
  18. Duen BCK 168

    Comming into Kinlochbervie.
  19. Gem BCK 213

    Taken during the gala day off Buckie.
  20. Shandwick A 448

    Leaving Aberdeen for the start of another trip.
1-20 of 28 Results