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  1. Japanese fishing vessel

    A crop of a large painting not yet finished. This one small area... roughly 4 x 6 inches.. shows a small fishing vessel being passed with a large 'vessel'.
  2. Surmount PD 368

    Surmount PD368 alongside at the old fish market.I think she may be for sale !
  3. Aurelia WY15

    Aurelia WY15 on the ship-lift at Peterhead harbour.
  4. Fishing Vessel

    Fishing Vessel - Blames - Costa Brava - Espagna
  5. fishing vessel

    Fishing Vessel in Blames Costa Brava - Espagna
  6. Fishing vessel

    Fishing vessel in Blames - Costa Brava - Espagna
  7. F/V aground

    Anyone know about this vessel? Possibly broke her moorings in Loch Linnhe during the storm at Christmas 2011/12. Now beached. That's BURHOU I in the background.
  8. Fishing vessel off Eigg Scotland

    I saw this boat as I sped to Eigg on a rib from skye
  9. Discharging fish from unknown fishing vessel

    Discharging fish from unknown vessel at Aberdeen fish market in March 1966
  10. Adenia7

    Adenia LK193, one of a series of painting i did of the Whalsay pelagic fleet in 2001 each boat painting was 7ft x 4ft
  11. Ghdir El-Golla

    Tuna purse seiner Builder Mecanav boatyard Material Steel Length o.a. 36,00 m Beam mld. 8,20 m Depth 4,20 m Speed 14 knt
  12. Zeebrugge

    The fishing vessel Z 764 retourning home. Postcard of my collection
  13. Virgo OB 254

    In drydock. Postcard of my collection
  14. Chubasco, La Santa; Lanzarote

    Fishing boat Chubasco. Here in heavy waves near the shore (no danger). La Santa is a small harbour on the west coast of Lanzarote with 6-8 small fishing vessels.
  15. Pen and ink of 19 Century sail fishing vessel

    I inherited an 1888 (circa)edition of Sea Pictures by James Macaulay, published by the Religous Tract Society. This is one of the marvellous drawings contained within

  17. Fishing Vessel from air

    Just about to be hovered over by Coastguard helicopter Oscar Charlie
1-17 of 17 Results