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  1. Ship Research
    I'm doing some research on Grimsby fishermen in the 1970s, and was wondering what a day in the life looked like on a ship? More specifically if someone was a new crew member, what their first day would look like? The more details the better if anyone knows! (And I'm happy to hear about all the...
  2. Ship Research
    Hello I’m a teacher at Ormiston Maritime Academy. We are researching famous trawlers from Grimsby for a project. I wondered if anyone can help me in any trawlers that are famous / great achievements. It would really help our students. Thanks
  3. Fishing Vessels
    Hi - I'm Linus and I'm a graduate student at Yale doing my research on 20th-century whaling. As part of this, I'm looking into whaling ships and in particular, their costs. I only have scattered data on actual whaling ships. Does anyone know if there exists some time series of costs (or a cost...
  4. Scarborough

    Scarborough Harbour, oilrig offshore

    Fishing vessels off Scarborough dated 1898
  6. G.S. WALTERS painting watercolour Yamouth luggers.

    No commercial use of this photo. Larger file is available for printing objectives but payment is required.
  7. fersk Torsk (Fresh Cod)

    fersk Torsk (Fresh Cod) from my imagination.
  8. Yasmin (Q or O)534 in Port Lincoln South Australia.

    Sitting outside my holiday cottage in Port Lincoln, looking out over the sea, cold drink in my hand, and watched Yasmin pass below me and into the port.
  9. Having a Rest. 3

    Just a few quick sketches with pen and watercolour.
  10. Having a Rest. 2

    Just a few quick sketches with pen and watercolour.
  11. Having a Rest. 1

    Just a few quick sketches with pen and watercolour.
  12. Line-fishing-vessel An Capall Ban

    Line-fishing-vessel An Capall Ban fitting-out, Galway City, May 2000. Splendid heraldic bow decoration!
  13. FAO Fishing Survey Brasil

    Afterdeck of FAO Fishing Survey Vessel, Brasil c1975. Hammocked person was a Grimsby trawler engineer I believe. Sorry no names remembered. Lefty
  14. Mar020

    Unidentified fishing vessel
  15. Serene LK297

    Painting 1 metre square.. now on show in Shetland Catch Factory board room
  16. Pumping Fish aboard

    1 metre square Oil on Canvas.. now on Show in Shetland Catch Factory
  17. Hauling.. Research LK 62

    Part of the same exhibition as the boat paintings... these images were 1 metre square
  18. Breton fishers

    Fishing boat in Concarneau, Brittany, 1965
  19. Filadelfia

    Watching fishing boats in such a weather i am always curious is it really the best time to go fishing? 29-03-2010 south of Wolf Rock LtH, Lands End, wind NW 11-12B
1-19 of 50 Results