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  1. SS Flandre 1940

    The French liner Flandre seen here broken in two after she struck an magnetic mine in 1940. Flandre (8571 GRT / 4180 tdw) was built in 1913 by Ateliers & Chantiers de St. Nazaire S.A., Penhoet and commissioned in Sept 1914 by the Cie. Générale Transatlantique, Paris (CGT). The quadruple-screw...

    Looking trim in Epirotiki's livery, PALLAS ATHENA (ex-FLANDRE, ex-CARLA C., ex-CARLA COSTA) rests at Piraeus in June, 1993. Sadly, the end of her life was approaching; she burned at this same berth on 23 March 1994.
  3. CARLA C.

    Ready for her close-up. The former FLANDRE basks in the sun at Curacao on 1 August 1983, her original Ateliers et Chantiers de Dunkerque profile little altered since her launch in 1951.

  5. Flandre

    Tendering in Cowes Roads when employed on CGT's West Indies service
  6. Flandre

    The French Line ship which became affectionately known as the Flounder as a result of her unfortunate break down during her maiden crossing of the Atlantic
  7. Flandre

    Night view of the liner at Southampton
  8. Flandre

    Loading at Hound Point on the River Forth.
  9. Flandre

    French Lines. 1930-50s???
1-10 of 10 Results