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  1. The Battle of Lissa (or Battle of Vis). 1866.

    The Italian fleet attack Vis 19.VII.1866. Oil on canvas, 1953. The Croatian Maritime Museum Split Hrvatski pomorski muzej 20150818 S 2473 HPMS_044 8498 MuzHPMS Vinko Foretić: Talijansko brodovlje napada Vis 19.VII.1866. godine, Ulje na platnu. The Battle of Lissa (or Battle of Vis).
  2. NAV, M.V. Flintlock-(6122473)-(R.F.A.)-Fort Augustus Locks Caledonian Canal

    The Miramar Ship Index gives this vessel, IMO Number: 6122473. -? I have only been able to gather a rather limited amount of information concerning this vessel, but what I have learned is detailed below:- Royal Fleet Auxiliary, Naval Armament Vessel, Motor Vessel Flintlock, ordered by The...
  3. Home Fleet mid 60s

    Snapshots of the Home fleet in the Clyde during the mid sixties.
  4. RFA Argus

    And now she is on her own again. 29-11-2009 Falmouth
  5. Argus

    She is getting ready for sea, another picture of her and on her own tomorrow.
1-5 of 6 Results