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  1. Floating Crane - LM Constructor

    I took this in January 2011. a Floating crane in West Float Birkenhead.
  2. Floating Crane

    Can't remember if this is the London Atlas or Samson, floating crane belonging to the PLA in the mid 60's. No doubt Stan will be able to tell us. Taken out my flat window overlooking Canada Dock, part of the Surrey Group London.
  3. Vlaaringen - Rotterdam

    Busy Vlaaringen Harbour on 24-11-2008. Albertus F is backing to the river.
  4. Floating crane, Melbourne, c1990

    I think this floating heavy lift crane was called Atlas. My memory recalls a story that it was sold to overseas interests, but sank under tow on its delivery voyage in heavy seas just outside Port Phillip Heads. The government of the day had no interest in preserving it. It was of significant...
  5. H&W floating crane

    H&W floating crane in use in the Abercorn Basin at the H&W shipyard in Belfast. All the buildings have now been demolished.
  6. Floating crane

    March 1972 in London. Was this crane called Samson? Memory lapse! Ship identified as Clan Grant.
1-7 of 7 Results