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    Probably brand new floating dock for A.D.M. Amsterdam, built in 1878 by Aktiengesellschaft UNION , Dortmund (Germany).
  2. Tugs with floating dock AFD 59

    An array of RMAS vessels with this Floating Dock.
  3. HMS Onyx

    HMS Onyx in floating dock (Portsmouth Summer 1982) having repairs to bow tubes which were damaged after grounding during special forces insertion in Falklands war.
  4. Floating Dock Porstmouth

    Second photograph of the floating dock at Portsmouth. See comments/query posted on the other photograph I have submitted.
  5. Floating Dock Porstmouth

    One of two photographs of a floating dry dock at Portsmouth. Can anyone identify which one? My best unconfirmed information that this is AFD 5, built in 1912, which was destined to be moved to Alexandria in 1939, but only got as far as Malta where she was sunk. Anybody able to identify the tugs?
  6. Workers on the floating dock at Wellington

    Dock workers under the Kaitoa 1968. The dock workers had a reputation for restrictive work practises.
  7. Kaitoa on Floating dock at Wellington 1968

    USSCos KAITOA on the Floating Dry Dock at Wellington in 1968. The dock was built on the Tyne and had been in Wellington since about 1928.
1-7 of 7 Results