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  1. Trillium, Canadian Flower Class Corvette

    Flower class Corvette HMCS Trillium and two others c.1941, Halifax, Nova Scotia
  2. Canadian Corvette by John Stevens

    Canadian Flower Class Corvette on Atlantic Convoy Escort.
  3. Goldingen, Ulanga and a Flower class corvette in Norway 1945

    This is not a easy task, but maybe someone can help me identify these ships? The ship to the left has a name ending with Dingen

    HMCS ARROWHEAD Pennant Number K145 Arrowhead (ex-HMS Arrowhead), built by Marine Industries, Sorel, launched 8 August 1940 and completed 21 November 1940. – Building Time 8 month 11 days 9 Oct 1942 HMCS Hepatica (T/Lt. T. Gilmour, RCNR) and and HMCS Arrowhead (Cdr. E.G. Skinner, DSO, RCNR)...
  5. Tor Magnolia

    Tor Magnolia in Immingham locks
  6. Tor Magnolia

    Tor Magnolia in Flensborg 2 weeks before delivery
1-7 of 7 Results