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  1. FOREMOST 18

    Built in 1911 by Ferguson's at Port Glasgow as PORT OF LONDON AUTHORITY HOPPER No.10 and renamed in 1925. She lasted till 1958 when she went to breakers at Groningen.
  2. Foremost 22 and Meeching

    Same day, but viewed from the West Quay. Meeching is almost ready to start work, but not a tyre fender yet in place!
  3. Meeching and Foremost 22

    Following the shot of Tidworth and Foremost 22, here's another taken the same day in mid 1960. Tidworth has moved and the small craft moored alongside Foremost 22 belong to the local Sea Cadet unit - I remember rowing them around. Foremost and Tidworth's brand new replacement awaits her first job.
  4. TS Foremost 22

    Foremost 22 was the Newhaven tug for many years up to 1960, when she was replaced by the Meeching
  5. Foremost 22

    Foremost 22 served at Newhaven for many years until she was replaced by the Meeching in 1960
1-5 of 5 Results