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    Many thanks to Old Strawberry for identifying the ship which took the role of TACOMA in The Battle Of The River Plate. This is the sequence towards the end of the film in which she features. Looks like a heli-deck aft?
  2. RFA Fort Duquesne

    RFA Fort Duquesne in Pieta Creek Malta, 1955. This ship was the first RFA to have a helicopter platform fitted
  3. RFA Fort Duquesne

    Classic photo of the first vertrep trials in 1951
  4. RFA Fort Duquesne

    Built by West Coast Shipbuilders (Canada) in 1944. Used for trials of vertical replenishment for which a flight deck was fitted. Involved in the Suez operation in 1956. Scrapped in 1967
1-4 of 4 Results