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  1. Fortuny

    Heading for Valencia, the ferry Fortuny also makes a sharp right turn after leaving Plama harbour. Ship Type: Ro-ro/passenger ship Year Built: 2001 Length x Breadth: 172 m X 26 m Gross Tonnage: 26916, DeadWeight: 5000 t Speed recorded (Max / Average): / knots Flag: Spain [ES] Call...
  2. Fortuny

    Acciona Trasmediterranea fleet member

    Departing Portsmouth for Bilbao 20 July 2007.
  4. Fortuny

    Portsmouth - Bilbao ferry. July 20th.

    Seen inbound Barcelona 2004.
  6. Fortuny

    Fortuny departing Portsmouth Harbour at 12.00hrs on 25th May, 2006.
1-6 of 6 Results