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  1. FOX

    Greek cargo ship FOX loading scrap iron for Venezuela. The coaster is unknown.
  2. HMS Fox

    Medium size survey ship.
  3. Fox

    Passed at St Petersburg on 16th September 2007
  4. Tórshavn ca. 1900

    Ships in the roads of Tórshavn, Faeroe Islands ca 1900. The ships are from left: Sønderjylland, Fox, Frederiksvaag and the passengership Laura (DFDS)
  5. ABP Harbour Masters boat The 'Fox'

    After a recent engine refit 'Fox' has undergone trials with the MCA and is now destined to go to ABP Barrow via ABP Lowestoft.
  6. MT FOX 23.10.2005

    MT FOX in the Baltic 23.10.2005
1-6 of 6 Results