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  1. EnQuest Producer.

    Fitting out on thTyne.
  2. FPSO Bonga

    Floating Production Storage &Offloading vessel built by Samsung in Korea for Shell Nigeria Pet-Corp arrived at AMEC at Wallsend on Tyne for further topside processing systems to be installed aprox 22,000 tonnes the unladen displacement of 90,000 tonnes full laden dwt of 312,500tonnes.
  3. Hanne Knutsen loading from Schiehallion

    Hanne Knutsen loading crude from the Schiehallion FPSO in March 2010.
  4. Triton FPSO

    Approaching the Triton FPSO, on the Far Superior, Jan 2009. north sea.
  5. Schiehallion FPSO

    Schiehallion FPSO taken from the crown of the drilling rig Paul B Loyd Jnr as crew change chopper came into land. June 2007
  6. Schiehallion FPSO

    Schiehallion FPSO west of Shetland May 07
  7. Umm Said

    Myself and the Umm Said. On the bow of the FPSO Acqua Blu. Quatar regd Umm Said was on its maiden voyage from the Gulf. First terminal of call was the A-B. Shiny ship meets rust bucket.
  8. FPSO Acqua Blu

    One of the first generation FPSOs (Floating Production Storage Offloading) Producing oil from Marathon Oils Talisman field West Australia 1990. Converted from the trading tanker MS Kay ex Shell tanker ?? (something to do with a sea shell). Acqua Blu went to the breakers in 1994.
  9. Acqua Blu

    View of the FPSO moored to the buoy. The vessel rotated round the buoy under the effect of tide and wind. Oil from the sub sea wells flowed to the vessel via the buoy and a hose.
  10. FPSO Acqua Blu

    Acqua Blu in Keppels dockyard Singapore, undergoing remedial rust replacement. Picture taken from officers canteen. 1990.
  11. Cossack Pioneer

    FPSO Cossack Pioneer (ex Chevron London) offloading a cargo to the TK tanker Palmstar Rose.
  12. FPSO Espadarte

    FPSO offloading cargo to receiving tanker. Gas from oil stabilising plant burning at flare tower. Crude oil from the sub sea wells is processed to remove gas and water, and achieving a suitable RVP (Reid Vapour Pressure). Stabalised crude.
  13. Beaurivage before Conversion

    The tanker Beaurivage before conversion to the FPSO Espadarte.
  14. FPSO Espadarte

    FPSO "Espadarte" Campos Basin, offshore Brazil. Converted from tanker "Beaurivage" Permanatly moored this vessel produces and processes oil from sub sea wells. Stabalised oil stored in hull and pumped out to receiving tankers.
  15. FPSO Espadarte

    FPSO (Floating Production Storage Offloading) "Espadarte" (Swordfish) Offshore Brazil. Looking forward from accomodation. Permanantly moored, this type of vessel produces and processes oil from sub sea wells. The stabalised oil is stored in the tanks, and pumped out to recieving tankers. There...
  16. FPSO Espadarte

    FPSO (Floating Production Storage Offloading) "Espadarte" (Swordfish) offshore Brazil. Looking aft from the swivel stack. All deck space filled with production equipment. Flare stack on right.
  17. Cossack Pioneer

    View from top of flare tower showing foredeck with Rigid Arm which connects to the single buoy mooring riser. Keppels yard Singapore 1995
  18. Cossack Pioneer

    Lift testing of the "Rigid Arm" which connects to the single buoy mooring turret. Keppel Shipyard Singapore 1994.
  19. FPSO Cossack Pioneer

    Cossack Pioneer undergoing conversion from trading tanker, ex Chevron London, to FPSO (Floating Production Storage & Offloading). Keppel Shipyard Singapore, 1994. Fitting the flare stack. Vessel operates offshore North West Australia.
  20. FPSO Jabiru Venture

    Built as T/T Baden in 1973. Converted to FPSO in 1986. Since converted she has been permanently moored in Timor Sea
1-20 of 21 Results