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  1. Vaterland in frame

    Frames just ahead of the rudder, Blohm & Voss, Hamburg. Around 1912? They could have spared themselves the effort, she would be steaming from May to August 1914 as German Vaterland, and that was it. War came along, she was stuck in New York, the Americans eventually appropriated the ship.
  2. Wooden frame

    Wooden frame. Futtocks (the parts) being assembled. US shipyard around 1918, but just as in the time of Nelson and before.
  3. Wooden frames

    Framing stage in a Georgia shipyard, WW 1. Cargo-steamer, schooner or something inbetween being built, when the world was screaming for tonnage. Two years after the war, it was all mostly worthless scrap.
  4. Frames

    Inside view of frames. American shipbuilding terms 1918: A, beam bracket. B, column or pillar. C, web frame.
1-4 of 4 Results