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  1. Unmistakable


    My friend Alan waves for the camera during our wet and blustery westbound crossing aboard this unmistakable liner.
  2. SS France cutaway

    SS France cutaway

    Cutaway of the SS France Full size version here...
  3. Building the France

    Building the France

    Building the SS France
  4. The France's maiden docking

    The France's maiden docking

    The France's maiden docking at New York
  5. Proposed reuses for the France

    Proposed reuses for the France

    Before NCL purchased her in the late 70s, the French press had other ideas for who might have a new use for the France - including the Arabs for a floating Mecca, the Chinese for housing surplus population, Aristotle Onassis to make a gift of a yacht for his wife Jackie or for Club Med for a floatin
  6. Nice


    Nice; old harbour from east. Corsica ferry departing.
  7. SS France leaving the harbour

    SS France leaving the harbour

    I am leaving this harbour Giving urban a farewell Its habitants seem too keen on God I cannot stomach their rights and wrongs I have lost my origin And I don't want to find it again Rather sailing into nature's laws And be held by ocean's paws Wanderlust! relentlessly craving Wanderlust! peel off
  8. SS France (1912) cutaway

    SS France (1912) cutaway

    Cutaway drawing of the SS France of 1912. Perspective corrected image from a Facebook posting to a French Line page.
  9. France


    A relatively unusual view of the French flagship which seems to show off her size
  10. New York Harbor, 1962

    New York Harbor, 1962

    In this view of the frozen Hudson River, the then new French Liner, France is seen beginning the return leg of her Maiden Voyage on 13 February, 1962. In addition to the France, the liners Cristoforo Colombo of the Italian Line, the America and United States of the US Line, and the Ivernia of the C


  12. France


    The France is shown leaving Southampton in 1973, near the end of her service as a North Atlantic Liner.
  13. France


    A color view of the France docking in New York in 1963. Notice the two extension ladders on the Moran tug closest to the camera; they almost look like permanent fixtures on the boat.
  14. France


    Here’s a fine view of CGT’s France taken in her Home Port of Le Havre early in her career. She is unquestionably one of the best proportioned and beautiful ships ever built.
  15. France


    One of the more forgotten four-stackers, of the early 20th Century is CGT’s liner France. The liner is shown here as a Hospital Ship at Mudros Harbor in 1916, during the Gallipoli Campaign. The France was a notorious roller in her early days, even on a calm sea. Many thought she suffered from a
  16. France


    This colorful view of the mighty France shows the ship at sea in the summer of 1969, near the end of her career as a North Atlantic Liner.
  17. France


    From a postcard produced in France depicting the mighty SS France departing New York
  18. France


    Proudly wearing the joint service house flag of the Newhaven - Dieppe route the French registered France, seen here leaving Newhaven, was built in 1899 by Forges et Chantiers de la Mediterranee 1,059 tons gross, speed @ 21 knots
  19. France


    The elegant France is shown enter New York on the first leg of her Maiden Voyage on 8 February, 1962.
  20. France Launch

    France Launch

    The new France is launched at the Chantiers de l'Atlantique shipyard at Saint-Nazaire on 11 May, 1960.