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  1. Astra and Black Prince

    Two small cruise ships gathered at Stavanger. I believe this is 1992.

    BRABANT 1926 completed by Akers M/V, Oslo for Fred Olsen, Oslo 2.335GRT, 2.500tdw, 2.300bhp, 2 oil engines B&W twin screws, 13.5kn service speed 1941 German Kriegsmarine, used as a fast troop transport 1946 refurbished and rebuilt by Akers M/V, funnel installed 1954 sold to Sudan...

    The 'Scottish Splasher' is back! Inspired by a recent cruise to southern Norway, and by an excellent on-board art class, he has decided to inflict his splashes on one of the most famous of Norway's fjords, and on Fred Olsen's fine ship, MV 'Boudicca'. Poor Norway! No place is now safe...
  4. Boudicca

    Boudicca at anchor off Alta do Chao, Amazon.
  5. "Ugly Duckling " SKAGEN

    Often referred to as the Ugly Duckling after HC Andersens famous novel. This is the Skagen coming into port. She did a splendid job on the Kristiansand - Hirtshals link for many years. Originally she was operated by Fred Olsen and later by Color Line in the same service.
  6. Balmoral

    Balmoral seen sailing from Southampton
  7. Bocayna Express

    'Bocayna Express' leaving Playa Blanca en route to Fuerteventura
  8. Baghdad

    M/S Baghdad from Fred Olsen was torpedoed by the German U-boat U-155 in the caribbean, 30 May 1942. It was 9 casualties and 21 survivors. All additional information is welcome.
  9. Betancuria

    M/S Betancuria from Fred Olsen took part in a lot of convoys during the WW2 on allied side. Can someone tell me. Is this photo taken after the war?
  10. Boudicca on the Clyde Largs June 2010

    Fred Olsens Boudicca having departed Greenock passes between the Great ***brae Island and the shore at Largs. Photo taken from the window of our digs. It was a bad day and not many passengers seen on the decks. Fred Olsen cruises now commence at Greenock and head for the Med. or Norway. They are...
  11. Fred Olsen`s HSC Bocayna Express

    HSC Bocayna Express leaving Playa Blanca. Lanzarote. I had to `interrupt` my drink to take this, what a sacrifice :o) Power on :o)
  12. Figurehead

    Fred Olsen figurehead outside the Aker yard in Oslo in 1949 or earlier. I might be able to identify the ship when I find my copy of ''The Decorative Arts of the Mariner.''
1-12 of 12 Results