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  1. Copyimg005.jpg

    Japanese freighter 'Atsuta Maru' in Hamburg Docks - August 1958
  2. Ship Research
    Hi, I am an author writing a novel with a young man voyaging on a cargo freighter. He embarks in June, 1966, on a vessel that's about a decade away from being sold for scrap. Old and seaworn. I'm ideally looking for a real vessel that I can model my fictional one from, so that I will have...

    ADRASTUS IMO 5003203 Location: Stadersand, Elbe Date: 1966 Completed 1953 by Vickers-Armstrongs, Newcastle upon Tyne 7.572GRT, 9.300tdw, 7.000bhp B+W/Harland+Wolff, 15,5kn 1978 cypr.ANASSA 1981 broken up Gadani Beach

    ILSABE OLDENDORFF Location: Stadersand, Elbe Date: 1965 1951 completed by Luebecker Flender-Werke A.G., Luebeck for Egon OLdendorff, Luebeck 2.619GRT, 3.460tdw, 1.700shp, 12kn ex HERMANN SAUBER 1960 1969 lib. CHALLENGER S. 1975 gr.KORMORANOS 1978 gr.ARIS 1979 laid up Venice 1981 broken up Venice
  5. AL HADA

    AL HADA Location: Kiel Canal Date: Summer 1976 1948 completed by Eriksbergs Mekaniska Verkstads A/B, Goeteborg as TANCRED for Wilhelm Wilhelmsen, Toensberg, Norway 6.133GRT, 9.740tdw, 8.100bhp B+W, 16kn 1971 no. SOL JEAN (Solstads) 1976 saud. AL HADA (Orri Navigation Lines SA...
  6. Benledi

    Benledi Location: Hamburg Date 1965/66 She is being turned around before berthing in the port of Hamburg 1965 completed by Charles Connell + Co. Ltd., Glasgow for The Ben Line Steamers Ltd, Leith 11.758GRT, 13.785tdw, 20.700bhp Sulzer/Barclay Curle, 21,5kn 1972 it. Da Noli, Italia...
  7. Burgenstein

    Burgenstein Location: Stadersand, Elbe Date ca. 1966/67 1958 completed by Bremer Vulkan, Bremen-Vegesack for Norddeutscher Lloyd A.G., Bremen 8.497GRT, 10.743tdw, 9.000bhp MAN/Bremer Vulkan, 17,5kn 3 of this type built. Beautiful design in 1958
  8. Boudreaux,Clarence J.

    Do you recognize my Grandfather Clarence? Searching for any info anyone can contribute. Thank You
  9. TERO (on charter to Nigerian National Line)

    Hello, this is the request for another identification. The source is a postcard and I think, the company is the State company of Niger - according to the funnel. But which ship is that?
  10. Swedish freighter, Gothenburg 1950s - questions over questions

    Hi, that vessel looks for me like swedish build, probably swedish or norwegian owned. The place - can this be Gothenburg. Well, who knows exactly? Thanks in advance
  11. Cason J Callaway

    Photo of the hull at Great Lakes Engineering Works at River Rouge, Michigan. March 15, 1952.
  12. Cason J Callaway

    Cason J Callaway - getting ready to launch the hull. Photo taken March 15, 1952
  13. m.s. ILRI

    Had a great time as 2M on the ILRI running down the W. African coast. Sadly a company that folded too quickly. Neptun built for Barthold Richter, Hamburg
1-14 of 14 Results